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Medusalocker Malware Breach

On December 22nd 2020 and January 19th 2021, White Oaks Animal Hospital had a Malware. DRPS was notified immediately and they sent out a Detective from their Financial Crimes Unit.  

The personal information that was encrypted by the malware was pet’s laboratory reports, radiographs reports, Cardio pet ECG reports, and anesthetic surgical intake forms.  The information on those forms mostly contained client’s full names and some of them have phone numbers and addresses. No financial information was taken or encrypted.  All the encrypted documents were fully recovered and restored by our back up system.  Not every client was affected by this breach and those of which were affected and data was not recovered will be personally contacted and notified.  

We have now hired an experienced IT security firm and have installed a sonic firewall protection to prevent further malware attacks within our clinic. Wifi and other passwords have been changed to help prevent future issues from occurring. 

If you have any questions please contact Lesley or Dr. Nasir at (905) 444-9995